March 07, 2021 1 min read

Claire - Leathergoods and jewellery designer and maker

Tomorrow is international women's day,  I wanted to pull Claire out from behind the scenes and shine the spotlight on her for a bit.

Like all the women in our lives she deserves to be celebrated every day, but with everything the last year has thrown at us, it's more important than ever to our appreciation. 

Claire has been juggling even more this year, including homeschooling with three teenagers, as well as the behind the scenes of the business. Just look closely at the photo below: she's juggling two pairs of glasses (and sunglasses) and the two phones, all while taking the photo.

Most of our bag designs are collaborations between myself and Claire. We set aside some time to work through new ideas and prototype them, usually when we've received the samples of leathers we've selected from our tanneries in Italy.  Working together creatively is one of the aspects I enjoy the most about my work.

jewellery designed and made by ClaireOriginally a teacher by trade, Claire wears many hats; artist, mother, wife, friend, jeweller designer and maker...
Those who have had the joy of visiting the workshop in person in recent years may have noticed the addition of a jewellery stand in the centre. Our home office is now music room, jewellery studio as well as a Holden Leathergoods office! I know I am biased but I think they are incredible and who knows maybe this year I can convince her to set up her jewellery website.  

Please get in touch if you would like to see more of Claire's jewellery or you can book a Zoom call.

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